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How Cavities Really Work

One of the most common problems patients experience with their oral health is the development of cavities in their teeth. Dr. Lynn uses a radiation-free diagnostic tool called Carivu to detect tooth decay, which can point to cavities or developing cavities. Cavities are located in an area of the enamel that has been permanently damaged due to untreated bacteria and decay. While cavities are usually easily treatable, if a patient does not receive a dental filling, the damage to the enamel can worsen and cause the interior structure of the tooth to become infected. An infected tooth often causes tooth pain for patients, and this can eventually lead to tooth loss or a spread of the infection to other parts of the body.

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Cavities can easily be avoided with routine, at-home care and visits to the dentist for cleanings and checkups. By simply brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily, you can prevent the majority of cavities from forming. Dental checkups and cleanings at Lynn Dental Care also improve your oral health by keeping your teeth clean and identifying potential areas of concern early. All of these steps will keep your teeth clean and free of plaque and bacteria, which are the main perpetrators of decay and cavities.

How We Treat Tooth Decay in Dallas

During the cavity filling procedure, Dr. Brock Lynn and our dental team will carefully clean out the decay inside the cavities using small drills and tools. By removing this decay, further damage will be prevented, but the tooth will still need to be protected with a dental filling. Dental fillings, which are created to match your smile’s shape and color, replace the damaged portion of the tooth.

At Lynn Dental Care, our goal is to preserve oral health while optimizing aesthetics, giving you the most beautiful smile possible. Cosmetic fillings are a safe and natural-looking alternative to silver amalgam when restoring cavities. As an added benefit of our practice, Lynn Dental Care has been mercury-free since 1993. These fillings can strengthen a compromised tooth, and they may last longer than alternative materials. Dr. Lynn also takes proactive measures to preserve the teeth, using a laser-assisted technology known as DIAGNOdent™ to detect and prevent decay early.

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Reviews From Those Who Matter the Most

  • “Dr. Brock Lynn is very personable and that includes his team. He was very patient with me during my little tears session and got me taken care of in a very quick period of time.”

    - Roxanna J.
  • “My hygienist was completely covered in PPE and I felt safe. Healthy teeth are important to overall health and I’m glad I had a good experience during such an uncertain time.”

    - Jill T.
  • “I am impressed with the way they keep up with technology and advanced techniques that other dentists have either not learned about or not yet incorporated.”

    - Claire B.