Holistic Dental Services in Dallas, TX

At Lynn Dental Care, we emphasize the strong connection between your oral health and your total-body health. With holistic treatments and services like ozone therapy and deep cleaning, Dr. Lynn and his team support not just your healthiest smile, but your optimal overall wellness.

Healing with Holistic Dentistry in Dallas

Dr. Brock Lynn of Lynn Dental CareAt our Dallas dental practice, one of our areas of expertise is holistic dentistry. Our holistic approach combines traditional dentistry with modern remedies. The purpose of holistic dentistry is to treat your body’s symptoms, focusing on preventative care rather than reactive. We will also take any co-occurring conditions and lifestyle factors into account when deciding on a treatment plan.

Because most nutritional sources that enter your body come through the oral cavity, your oral health is intertwined with other aspects of your health in more ways than traditional dentistry acknowledges. Focusing on the connection between your body’s oral and physical health allows us to discover the root of your dental problems and address them at the source. For example, when we are installing zirconia dental implants, which are made from a durable metal similar to titanium, we are able to use PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin to improve the healing process. PRF is a component that we can extract from our own blood, making it a natural way to expedite the growth of the bone with less discomfort.

In addition to having over 40 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Brock Lynn is affiliated with a variety of acclaimed dental organizations, such as The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. The Mission of the AAOSH is to revolutionize interdisciplinary healthcare by uniting medicine and dentistry to empower a higher quality of life. This enhanced quality of life is exactly what Lynn Dental Care strives to bring to each one of our patients.

Experience the Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

You won’t find many holistic dentists in Dallas, TX or beyond, who bring the same level of expertise as Dr. Lynn. His training has included extensive study of gum disease, oral surgery, implant dentistry, and periodontics. His well-rounded knowledge makes him your top choice for implementing holistic dentistry into your routine.

Not only will Dr. Lynn and his team treat any ongoing dental problems, but we will treat the whole person and address any potential lifestyle issues. This can include advising on prevention techniques and eliminating certain toxins. Although each patient’s holistic dental journey will look different, establishing the mouth-body connection can work wonders in the body, helping to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy problems, and osteoporosis.

At Lynn Dental Care, top benefits of holistic dentistry include:

An opportunity to correct harmful effects of previous dental treatments

patient smiling during her holistic dental appointmentWhen possible, holistic dentistry adheres to natural treatments and works to rid the body of the effects of previous traditional treatments. For example, patients who have mercury fillings can visit our office and get it replaced with a healthier, more natural filling option.

A chance to find healing and total wellness for your body

Most patients visit the dentist expecting to have their oral health addressed, but Lynn Dental Care's approach to holistic dentistry in Dallas goes even further than that. Because your treatment will take all aspects of your health into account, your experience will be individualized to meet your needs. No two bodies are the same, so no two appointments will look the same either.

Minimal use of painkillers and other traditional approaches

For patients who are averse to painkillers, x-rays, or other methods typically associated with traditional medicine, holistic dentistry can be a great alternative. At Lynn Dental Care, our patients are always welcome to communicate with our team about specific preferences like these and we will use our holistic approach to accommodate them.

Biological Tooth Extraction and Cavitation Surgery 

Do you need a tooth removed? Patients visit Lynn Dental Care for biological dental extractions for a variety of reasons, including a dental abscess, broken or fractured tooth, and severe decay.

To care for a surgical extraction site, our team can use advanced CBCT imaging to detect any lesions or conditions related to the health of the jawbone tissue. Our Dallas dental team utilizes top technologies to help detect and remove diseased tissue in a controlled surgical procedure, also called surgical debridement. 

After our holistic dental team performs a gentle tooth extraction or surgical debridement, we offer the following steps to promote each patient's optimal healing:  

  • To promote effective bone regeneration, we recommend the complete removal of the periodontal ligament, a fiber that connects the tooth to its socket.
  • For proper disinfecting of the extraction site and banishing bacteria, viruses and more, our team can administer gaseous ozone directly into the surgical site in a process called ozone infiltration
  • Our can sterilize the surgical site with our advanced dental laser. Infrared laser sterilization allows us to promote proper healing at the site of your tooth extraction.
  • PRF (platelet rich fibrin) placement within the extraction site can promote faster healing and effective bone regeneration. PRF is created from a small blood sample from the patient that our team will separate into three layers, the middle layer being the PRF.

Through holistic processes and comprehensive patient education, the Lynn Dental team works to promote each patient's best oral health and minimize pain and discomfort following oral surgery.  

Promote Your Best Health with Holistic Dentistry

To learn more about holistic dentistry and schedule your visit with our skilled team, call our office today!

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