Dental Ozone Therapy in Dallas, TX

At Lynn Dental Care, we have invested in a state-of-the-art procedure that has proven to be effective at eliminating oral bacteria – dental ozone therapy. Our patients in Dallas, TX and beyond seek dental ozone therapy when they have been affected by bacteria from oral disease. Oral disease is caused by bacteria that have infected the gum tissue or tooth enamel within your mouth. In many cases, your body may require assistance to cleanse this bacteria and keep the infection at bay. 

Dr. Brock Lynn of Lynn Dental CareAt our Dallas dental office, dental ozone therapy is successful because disease pathogens do not have antioxidants, which allow ozone molecules to attack and destroy oral bacteria. Ozone therapy has been able to neutralize a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and more. That's why our skilled periodontist, Dr. Brock Lynn, has chosen to invest in this modern technology.

The Uses of Dental Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is effective for a variety of procedures, but the most common periodontal treatments we use it for are restorative care and root canal treatment. Ozone therapy can be used to reduce and sterilize teeth and gums both before and immediately after periodontal treatments. An ozonated oil can also be used for periodontal maintenance thanks to its bacterial-killing ability.

At Lynn Dental Care, we can even use dental ozone therapy to prevent bacteria from infecting gum or bone tissue surrounding a dental implant. Pre-procedural rinsing is carefully performed to reduce bacterial loads. Specifically, ozone water is useful for killing bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms by rapidly rupturing cell membranes.

After root canal treatment, we can disinfect the tooth with ozone therapy, but a filling will still need to be placed to restore the structure of the tooth. If amalgam fillings were previously placed, we can use our SMART technique, or our Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. The purpose of this procedure is to drill out amalgam fillings, avoiding further harmful exposure to mercury.

Safely, Gently Eliminate Bacteria with Ozone Therapy

Lynn Dental Care's dental ozone therapy is a safe way to eliminate bacteria and prevent it from returning to the specific treatment areas in your mouth. Since harmful bacteria does not contain protective elements in its cells, ozone therapy can destroy them without harming healthy tissue. If you are interested in receiving ozone therapy for your periodontal or dental care, schedule a consultation with our dental team in Dallas. Dr. Lynn and his team can discuss your unique needs and determine if ozone therapy is a safe, effective choice for your health.

Learn More About Safe, Effective Dental Ozone Therapy

At Lynn Dental Care, dental ozone therapy is part of our commitment to supporting our patients' complete health with holistic dentistry. Contact us today to learn more about how holistic dental treatment can benefit you!

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