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Dr. Brock Lynn

Dr. Brock Lynn of Lynn Dental Care in Dallas, TXIn 1980, Dr. Lynn earned his DDS degree at Baylor College of Dentistry and immediately opened his own practice in Dallas. Dr. Lynn is a third-generation graduate and local Dallas dentist. Committed to providing well-rounded care to his patients, Dr. Lynn completed specialized periodontics training at Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989, which included the extensive study of gum disease, oral surgery, and implant dentistry. He then received his Master of Science Degree in 1990 and he is currently board-certified in the specialty of periodontics and dental implants. This inclusive training and study has provided a unique foundation for Dr. Lynn’s practice, allowing him to offer complete, multi-faceted oral treatment to all of his patients.

Dr. Lynn is consistently implementing new techniques and technologies to advance his dental practice. He believes in the power of knowledge, and he is dedicated to educating himself, his Lynn Dental Care team, and his patients, because that is the key to comprehensive care. In pursuit of providing his patients with the latest and most effective treatment, Dr. Lynn has attended countless courses, lectures, and presentations regarding the latest advancements in dentistry. He has also shared his knowledge and experience with the dental community, lecturing on topics such as restorative and implant dentistry for Hiossen Implant Company and the Dallas Dental Hygienists’ Society.

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