Smile Makeovers in Dallas, TX

At Lynn Dental Care, we understand your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and it's important to have a smile you feel great about showing off! Our team offers smile makeovers and customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plans to help you achieve your dream smile. Dr. Lynn and his team use the latest dental technologies to deliver each treatment, offering top smile makeovers in Dallas and beyond!

What Does a Smile Makeover Include?

Dr. Lynn talking with a patient about his dental x-raysSmile makeovers at Lynn Dental Care include multiple cosmetic dentistry treatments with the ultimate goal of giving you an aesthetically pleasing smile. Smile makeovers are commonly used when patients have a healthy bite and oral condition, but if more serious oral concerns are present, we may recommend a full-mouth reconstruction prior to cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Your smile makeover will start with a consultation with our team, to have your questions answered and determine the best treatment plan for your needs. Dr. Lynn will help you choose from a selection of cosmetic and restorative procedures to create your ideal smile.

Common Smile Makeover Procedures

Teeth Whitening: To stay true to our commitment to providing the most advanced dental care currently available, Lynn Dental Care offers the Opalescence Xtra Boost® and KöR Whitening Systems. Boost can provide a dramatic improvement in just one visit. This non-invasive, yet powerful whitening technique allows us to brighten your teeth by several shades in less than 60 minutes. KöR Deep Bleaching is an amazing system that can whiten your smile by as many as 16 shades, even if you have stains that do not respond to other bleaching methods.

Porcelain Veneers: Dental veneers are very thin shells, usually made of beautiful porcelain. They are bonded to the teeth, covering the visible surface and concealing flaws such as chips, gaps, or stains. At Lynn Dental Care, we offer LUMINEERS® and DURAthin® veneers, which are more conservative alternatives to traditional veneers because they require minimal preparation. These treatment options are painless and conservative with a beautifully natural result.

Braces and Orthodontics: Crooked teeth can affect more than just your smile. Hard-to-reach surfaces can collect plaque and lead to tooth decay and malocclusion. Whether primarily for aesthetics, function or health, we offer a full range of orthodontics options to meet your needs.

Invisalign Aligners: For patients who wish to achieve straight, even smiles with a comfortable and discreet solution, Dr. Lynn offers Invisalign®. This treatment uses customized, removable trays to guide the teeth toward alignment gradually. It is a comfortable, inconspicuous way for patients to improve their smile. Most patients are able to see full results within two years of treatment, depending on their individual needs.

All-Ceramic Crowns: Dr. Lynn uses the finest quality dental materials for every procedure. All crowns are made of durable, strong ceramic. A crown is essentially a cap that is bonded to the tooth to preserve its integrity, appearance, and strength. By using all ceramic, metal-free, crowns, Dr. Lynn can ensure that restorations from Lynn Dental Care are long-lasting, safe, and natural-looking.

Crown Lengthening: Dr. Lynn offers crown lengthening treatments for individuals who are concerned about the appearance of “gummy” smiles. Crown lengthening is a gentle technique for reshaping a person’s gumline, which exposes more tooth structure and provides an aesthetically pleasing balance between the teeth and gums. The difference can be so major, it has even been referred to as “Periodontal Plastic Surgery.” Additionally, this procedure can be used to give Dr. Lynn access to the tooth structure below the gumline if any repairs or restorations are needed.

You'll Love Our Dallas Smile Makeover Services

Dr. Lynn using a dental model to explain a patient's oral health to themAt Lynn Dental Care, we treat more than just your teeth. We care about your overall satisfaction with your smile and the way your teeth make you look and feel. Your complete satisfaction is always our goal, which is why we recommend anyone who is unhappy with the look of their smile to schedule a consultation with our team to discuss a smile makeover.

Schedule Your Smile Makeover Consultation

During your smile makeover consultation, our dental team will examine your mouth and listen to all your goals, questions, and concerns before providing your customized smile makeover treatment plan. We even offer dental warranties and financing options to help make your dream smile a reality and ensure your cosmetic treatment fits your budget! Give us a call today.

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