Advanced Dental Technology in Dallas, TX

At Lynn Dental Care, we have invested in superior technology to provide our patients with the level of care they deserve. Dr. Lynn and his team are committed to promoting our patients' optimal health, and going above and beyond standard expectations for dental care.

digital x-ray machine at Lynn Dental CareWhen it comes to dental care and periodontal therapy, choosing a practice that implements state-of-the-art technology plays an essential role in improving treatment outcomes. As procedures like full arch dental implants, sinus lift bone grafting, and others become more advanced, our practice finds it important to stay informed of the latest advancements to ensure the most successful treatments possible. For this reason, our patients have access to the following benefits:

Some of the latest technologies our patients are able to access at Lynn Dental Care include:

CBCT Scanner

This digital cone beam scanner captures highly detailed 3-dimensional images of the oral structures, including jaw bone volume, location of nerves, and position of the tooth's root.


This is a radiation-free diagnostic tool that uses a laser diode to help identify cavities before they are visible. Early detection allows us to diagnose and treat cavities at the source.


The VELscope is used for oral pathology screenings that help us identify areas of potential oral disease. The World Health Organization recognizes VELscope as the world's most widely used adjunctive device for the enhanced visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities.


We use advanced Telescan technology to measure and evaluate bite forces. It tells us where the bite is misaligned and gives us an idea of where we can make slight adjustments to correct it. This helps us protect your crowns, bridges, and veneers.

iTero® Intraoral Scanner

An iTero scanner is used to capture 3D images of patients' mouth in minutes. They also allow a more comfortable, elevated experience for our patients. Intraoral scanners have multiple uses, including impressions for crowns, night guards, bleaching trays, orthodontics appliances, and even Invisalign orthodontics.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors

Plasma Rich Growth Factors, also known as L-PRF, can be provided to Dr. Brock Lynn during treatment to promote healing. This works by collecting a sample of blood in the tube the way one would with a blood test. The white blood cells are used to provide a concentrated release of healing proteins, creating a scaffolding to help direct healing. Its most common uses are for dental and oral maxillofacial surgical procedures, like dental implants, bone defects, extraction sockets, and dental ridge augmentations.

Ozone Water System

Thanks to our ozone water system, our Dallas dental office is quipped with superior bacteria-killing powers. We are able to target and extinguish oral bacteria by converting oxygen to ozone and delivering it to the gums through a gas or water spray.

X Guide DynamicX-Nav Technology

person reviewing a patient's dental x-raysWe use this device in order to help our patients achieve accurate results during their implant surgeries. The machine mandates real-time directions via 3 dimensional imagery during the surgery, which helps our dental team place the implant with advanced precision. 


The primary use of the Piezosurgery device is for sinus lift bone grafting. We use vibrations from the device to cut through bone without harming soft tissues like gums and sinus membranes.

Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Brock Lynn, believes in providing honest and efficient care with practical treatment plans. Utilizing our advanced technology, such as laser gum bleaching allows our team to create the ideal treatment plan to bring you close to your smile goals. Our technology allows patients to enjoy their dental visits with less discomfort and invasive procedures. We combine sedation dentistry with advanced technology, producing an elevated periodontal experience for our patients.

Top Dental Technologies for Successful Healing

At Lynn Dental Care, we support our patients' optimal healing through superior technologies. We invest in top technologies at Lynn Dental Care to offer our patients benefits like:

  • Less invasive treatment
  • Improved accuracy of treatment
  • Quicker healing time
  • Detailed treatment planning

Experience the Latest Dental Technology in Dallas

Experience top technologies and holistic dentistry in Dallas with Lynn Dental Care! Call today to schedule your next visit.

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