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What You Can Expect with Dental Implants at Lynn Dental Care

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Dental Implants Give You a Lifetime of Smiles

Dentist in North Dallas, TX

Dental implants are a lifetime investment, so choosing the right practice to have the surgery performed is an important decision. When it comes to dental implants, Lynn Dental Care is one of the North Dallas area’s foremost leaders.

As a periodontal specialty office, Dr. Brock Lynn is a board-certified periodontist, meaning he has an in-depth understanding of the jaw bone, gums and teeth and how dental implants would best integrate into your oral health. Additionally, we also specialize in cosmetic restorations, making us more than just a traditional periodontist—we can be your everything dentist. By offering both expert placement and beautiful restorations in one place, we offer the comprehensive care you deserve.

Your Dental Implants Consultation

When starting your dental implant process, we always begin with a consultation to discuss your needs, wants and smile goals. Our doctor and dental team will evaluate the health of your mouth, identifying areas of concern such as bone deterioration or gum disease that we may need to address before dental implant placement can begin. We utilize advanced technology like cone beam CT scanners and iTero® intraoral scanners to capture highly detailed images of your current oral structure to assist in planning your case. Since our practice can both place and restore your dental implants in North Dallas, TX, you can have more customization over what your end result smile will look like. Once your jaw is able to support dental implants, we can begin the surgery process.

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Restoration After Placement

After your dental implants have been placed, we typically can restore them with temporary dental crowns. These crowns look natural in your smile and are worn for several months while your dental implants heal. Once healed, we are able to fully restore your new teeth with permanent crowns that will look and function just like natural teeth. While most periodontists refer their dental implant restorations out to other dentists, at Lynn Dental Care we can perform every step of the process in-house for your convenience. We recommend that after your implants are healed and you have received your final restorations, that you maintain routine appointments with us to ensure they stay healthy and you can keep them for a lifetime.

Dental Implant Surgery

When placing your dental implants, we always consult our images captured via our digital scans to ensure your implants are placed in areas with the most bone volume and to avoid nerves or surrounding tooth roots. To keep you calm during surgery and block sensations of pain, we offer sedation options, including advanced IV sedation  administered by a certified anesthesiologist. At Lynn Dental Care, we place your dental implants directly into your jaw and once healed, they fuse to your bone providing a secure hold. We can place single dental implants to replace individual missing teeth as well as implant supported bridges or dentures for multiple missing teeth and full arch dental implants, like All-on-4®, for complete tooth loss.

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