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Gentle Removal of Problem Teeth

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Tooth Extractions Only When Necessary

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While many people associate receiving a tooth extraction as a painful experience that leaves them with an incomplete smile, this is not the case at Lynn Dental Care. We offer gentle tooth extractions and wisdom tooth removal as well as dental implant solutions to get your smile back to completion. We only perform tooth extractions when it is absolutely necessary and will do everything possible to save your natural teeth. However, in many cases, tooth decay or damage may be too severe and tooth extraction is the best option available. Dr. Brock Lynn is highly trained in tooth extraction, both basic and complex, in order to put you in the most ideal oral health state.

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How Tooth Extraction Works

Gentle Extraction and Bone Preservation

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If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, tooth decay, have broken or failing teeth, or are interested in a full-arch tooth replacement solution, there is a chance you may need tooth extraction for one or more teeth. When extracting your teeth, we provide local anesthetic sedation to block sensations of discomfort, but also have several other sedation options depending on your needs. Many patients report only feeling a slight pressure at the tooth extraction site when under the effects of local anesthetic. Our doctors take care to gently remove affected teeth without harming surrounding teeth, bone or jaw nerves. After tooth extraction, we often perform socket preservation bone grafting to restore volume to the area and prepare the jaw bone for future dental implant placement.

We Care About Your Smile

At Lynn Dental Care, we strive to make your experience pleasant and will do everything possible to preserve the state of your oral health. When it comes down to needing a tooth extraction, it is best to choose a practice with a doctor who has the experience necessary to give you successful results free of complications. If you are unsure if you need a tooth extraction in North Dallas, TX, or may have wisdom teeth erupting, we recommend you come in for an in-depth evaluation and consultation. During this exam our dental team will be able to identify potential wisdom teeth concerns or a reason behind your tooth pain.

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Effective Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing discomfort in both teens and adults when they often become impacted, and safe wisdom teeth removal is a proven method of alleviating the pain impacted teeth cause. Wisdom teeth normally begin to grow during a patient’s teenage years in the back of their mouth. These wisdom teeth often do not have proper space to grow in and can cause crowding of surrounding teeth or become impacted within the jaw bone. When this occurs, patients often experience tooth pain and can have trouble eating or notice a change to their bite. By performing wisdom teeth extraction, our dental team can surgically remove these problem teeth and restore your mouth to a healthy, harmonious state.

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