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Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment options

Snoring is More Serious Than You Think

Have family or friends complained about your excessive snoring? If so, snoring might be a sign of something more serious—sleep apnea . Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that occurs when your airway becomes blocked at night when you sleep. Typically, your tongue or throat tissues fall into the airway when your throat muscles relax and block the flow of oxygen getting to your body, including your brain! Many people affected by sleep apnea suffer from more than just snoring, and often experience an overall poor quality of sleep as well as all the side-effects that go along with general exhaustion.

Without treating sleep apnea, those affected are at risk of developing high blood pressure or diabetes, among other potential conditions. Affected patients often experience a lack of sleep, being woken up multiple times throughout the night, often gasping for air. This lack of sleep can affect their daily lives, causing mood swings, daytime fatigue or morning headaches. The traditional method of correcting sleep apnea has been through CPAP machines, but many people find themselves CPAP-intolerant because of the bulky, noisy nature of the machine. At Lynn Dental Care, Dr. Brock Lynn offers a minimally invasive, quiet and less bulky alternative treatment—oral appliance mouthguards.

Risk Factors Associated with Sleep Apnea

  • Male
  • Overweight
  • Over the age of 40
  • Having a large tongue or small jaw
  • Family history of sleep apnea
  • Having a large neck
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Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment

An oral appliance is a form of sleep apnea treatment in Dallas, TX, that many of our patients find appealing. Therapy involves creating a customized mouthguard unique to your mouth that will gently reposition your jaw while you sleep. This sleep apnea treatment simply fits in your mouth, making it comfortable to wear while sleeping. By simply repositioning your jaw, this sleep apnea treatment will move the soft tissues away from your airway, allowing you to breath more freely, get a restful night’s sleep and stop snoring.

Get on the Path Toward a Restful Night’s Sleep.