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Oral Appliance Therapy – Your Alternative to CPAP

More Than 18 Million Americans Suffer from Sleep Apnea

Being diagnosed with sleep apnea can be a confusing time, as you likely don’t even recognize the symptoms since they occur while you sleep. While snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea, you can suffer from much more serious health conditions as well. One of the most serious concerns is the cessation of breathing while you sleep, which prevents oxygen from getting to the brain and causes you to repeatedly awaken at night gasping for air. If you have been feeling drowsy, lethargic, unrested or moody during the days, you may be suffering from more severe sleep apnea symptoms and should seek treatment as soon as possible. 

Common symptoms of sleep apnea include:

North Dallas TX Dentist
North Dallas TX Dentist

A Subtler Approach to Sleep Apnea Treatment

While the most common treatment method for sleep apnea is a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, many people find themselves unable to deal with a cumbersome and uncomfortable machine and mask being worn while they sleep. At Lynn Dental Care we specialize in treating those who are CPAP-intolerant or who would like a subtler approach to treatment or fall into the mild and moderate category. Our alternative to the CPAP machine and mask is through noninvasive oral appliance therapy. Dr. Brock Lynn can create a customized mouthguard that is worn while you sleep and simply fits in your mouth to reposition your jaw and open up your airway. You won’t have to worry about bulky machines, loud noises or an uncomfortable mask any longer!

How Oral Appliance Therapy Treats Sleep Apnea

Oral appliance therapy is a simple treatment that involves just a single appliance that can be worn while you sleep. The sleep appliance is custom fit to match your bite, teeth and jaw and gently reposition your mouth to further open the airway and prevent blockage by your soft tissues and tongue. At Lynn Dental Care, we offer a small yet durable oral appliance that allows for increased space for your tongue to rest. Best of all, there is no bulky machine, no noise, and nothing to wear over your face—just simply put the oral appliance in your mouth and sleep easy! Many of our patients find these oral appliances to be a much more convenient solution to treating their cases of sleep apnea in Dallas, TX, and improving their overall quality of life. 

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Lynn Dental Care is Your Center for Quality Treatment

Our periodontist, Dr. Lynn, has been practicing comprehensive dentistry for nearly 40 years and has taken a special interest in providing effective sleep apnea treatment in our state-of-the-art office. We have created a warm, nurturing and safe environment for you so that your visits don’t have to be anxiety-inducing or worrisome. With advanced technology like intraoral cameras and digital cone beam photography, we can capture more detailed information on your jaw in a way that is more comfortable for you. You can rely on being fit with a modern and high-quality oral appliance that can treat all your symptoms with a minimally invasive approach.

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