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Scaling and Root Planing - North DALLAS, TX

Cleanse Bacteria from Teeth and Gums

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The connection between gum disease and your overall health

Minimally Invasive Deep Cleanings

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Scaling and root planing, also called “deep cleaning,” is an effective procedure used to treat gum disease. Dr. Brock Lynn believes in utilizing the most conservative and comfortable treatments available. Therefore, he recommends non-surgical treatments, such as scaling and root planing, for mild to moderate gum disease and for moderate to severe gum disease, LANAP® as an alternative to osseous surgery.

Before scaling and root planing treatment begins, local anesthetic can be applied to ensure your complete comfort. During the first stage, scaling, plaque and tartar is removed from the teeth, including below the gumline. The tooth surface is planed and smoothed during the second stage called root planing, making it more difficult for bacteria to attach. Our ND-YAG Laser is used as a final touch, last step to eliminate any persistent bacteria. This also allows the gum tissue to reattach itself to your tooth and properly heal. After treatment, patients are advised to maintain results with a diligent oral hygiene routine and the use of a prescription mouth rinse.

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Scaling and root planing

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Ozone Therapy Controls Bacteria

At Lynn Dental Care, we frequently combine scaling and root planing treatments with modern ozone therapy  to prevent the return of disease-causing bacteria. By incorporating ozone therapy with your gum disease treatments, we are able to eliminate and prevent the return of over 63 different bacteria, 15 viruses, 25 fungi and mold spores as well as 13 fungal pathogens. This helps keep your mouth fresh and healthy after scaling and root planing treatment.

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Maintain Gum and Tooth Health

After receiving scaling and root planing in North Dallas, TX, you may need regular periodontal maintenance treatments. This helps keep your teeth and gums clear of bacteria to prevent gum disease from taking over your mouth again. We recommend visiting Lynn Dental Care every three months when on a periodontal maintenance treatment plan to ensure the adequate control of gum disease. With Dr. Lynn having over 38 years of dental experience, performing this common treatment is simple for us. Scaling and root planing treatment is often completed in just one short trip to our office!

Preserve the Health of Your Mouth with Timely Deep Cleaning Care.