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The Gentle Solution to Receding Gums

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The Pinhole® Surgical Technique

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Those who are experiencing receding gums are often self-conscious about the look of their smile, but gum recession also poses risks to the health of teeth. At Lynn Dental Care, Dr. Brock Lynn is trained to offer the minimally invasive Pinhole® Surgical Technique at our North Dallas, TX practice. Unlike gum grafting, the Pinhole Surgical Technique does not require grafts, scalpels or sutures and is a gentle solution to treating gum recession. This is less invasive than traditional gum grafting with generally fewer post-operative symptoms and shorter recovery time.

Common Causes of Gum Recession

How the Pinhole Surgical Technique Works

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is the most minimally invasive approach to treating gum recession because it does not involve any scalpels or sutures and causes virtually no bleeding! Few doctors offer this treatment since it requires advanced training, but Dr. Lynn is trained and certified to offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique to our patients. The process is very simple: Dr. Lynn will make a tiny hole the size of a pin in your gums just above your exposed tooth roots. Using ultra small tools, we will simply readjust the gum tissue down over the teeth and hold it in place with collagen strips. The process is so quick, painless and easy that we are often able to treat multiple teeth affected by gum recession during the same appointment.

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Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

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Quick, Easy, Painless

Choosing the Pinhole Surgical Technique in North Dallas, TX, gives you quick and effective results you can see that very day. Many patients choose this solution because of how gentle, easy to heal and quick it is; many patients can go back to work the very next day with no discomfort. Unlike traditional gum grafting, you won’t have to wait weeks for your mouth to fully heal and can go back to a normal routine as quick as the very next day. The Pinhole Surgical Technique can protect your tooth roots and aesthetically improve your smile in just one simple appointment.

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