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Peri-Implantitis - NORTH DALLAS, TX

Has Your Implant Become Infected?

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What is Peri-Implantitis?

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You’ve made the decision to invest in dental implants, but what happens when implants begin to fail? Peri-implantitis is a condition where a dental implant and the tissues surrounding it become infected, which can eventually lead to the failure of the implant itself. When an implant fails, you will need to have the area treated for disease and another implant placed. This is a pricey and time-consuming result of a condition that is easy to prevent with proper oral care.

Symptoms of Peri-Implantitis

Gentle, Modern Laser Treatment

Dr. Brock Lynn Dallas TX

The traditional treatment for peri-implantitis in North Dallas, TX, involves surgically removing the infected tissue and bacteria from the mouth and around the implant. This traditional treatment involves cutting away the infected gums, scraping the implant clean and suturing the area closed. However, at Lynn Dental Care, we care about the comfort of our patients along with the desire to save your implant investment from failure. Instead of using scalpels and sutures, we use modern laser technology in an advanced protocol—LAPIP®.

LAPIP utilizes our advanced dental laser to gently eradicate signs of peri-implantitis in our North Dallas, TX patients. Our laser is silent, vibration-free and causes virtually no discomfort during treatment. Our dental team can perform treatment on multiple teeth in a short amount of time, removing diseased tissue and cleansing the mouth as well as the implant to promote healthy reattachment and longevity. Another benefit of LAPIP is how easy the recovery is. Most patients have very little post-treatment discomfort and see results almost immediately. By undergoing simple LAPIP treatment, you can save your dental implant investment, and the function and beauty of your smile, from the harmful effects of peri-implantitis.

Save Your Implant and Your Smile!