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Mouth-Body Connection - North DALLAS, TX

The Mouth-Body Connection

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The connection between gum disease and your overall health

Your Gum Health is Linked to Overall Health

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At Lynn Dental Care, we stress the importance of catching and treating gum disease in North Dallas, TX, early as well as keeping up with routine periodontal maintenance care as a way to keep both your oral and overall health in an ideal state. Researchers have linked gum disease to systemic health conditions, as the infection and bacteria in your mouth can spread through the blood stream and affect other parts of your body. In order to keep your entire body healthy, we offer effective gum disease treatments that are both minimally invasive and will get you on the path towards total health.

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Around 64.7 million American adults have some form of periodontitis, the advanced and incurable form of gum disease.

Lynn Dental Care Gum Disease Therapy Advantages

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Systemic Health Conditions Linked to Gum Disease

When gums become infected, blood flow can cause that infection to travel through the body to the heart. Inflammation in the gums can also cause damage to blood vessels that travel to the heart.

Studies have found that inflamed gums can harden the arteries that travel to the brain, slowing or even blocking the blood flow. When blood can’t reach your brain, a stroke can occur.

Gum disease can make it difficult to keep blood sugar under control. Those who can’t keep their blood sugar under control, have an enhanced risk of further development of gum disease.

Women with periodontal disease are at risk of adverse pregnancy problems such as low birth weight in babies and giving birth pre-term.

Gum disease is known to cause damage to the jaw bone that supports the teeth. As this bone deteriorates, the likelihood of tooth loss increases.

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Perio Disease systemic effects Cardiovascular Health

Specialized in Advanced Gum Care

As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Brock Lynn has specialty training in the identification and treatment of all forms of gum disease. We offer a variety of effective treatments from scaling and root planing, to time-tested osseous surgery and even state-of-the-art laser dentistry. Dr. Lynn is certified and experienced in using our dental laser for gentle LANAP® treatment of all forms of gum disease, even for gum disease affecting a dental implant. Don’t risk your overall health when a simple dental appointment can help identify if you are affected by gum disease and could benefit from our treatments!

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