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Factors that influence the cost of dental implants

Dental Implants Unique to You

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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, nothing beats the benefits of dental implants.  Patients commonly ask what the overall dental implant cost will be, but in actually there is no one set price. The dental implant cost in Dallas, TX, depends upon the unique treatment plan that best suits your needs. Every case to restore a mouth with dental implants is different and when you come in for a complimentary implant consultation, we will be able to identify your individual needs and come up with a practical and affordable treatment plan.

Dental Implants: An Investment in Your Health

Many of our patients can’t put a price on the improved quality of life dental implants has given them. With a restored mouth, you will be able to feel more confident smiling and interacting with others, eat a wider range of foods and have the peace of mind knowing that your oral health is protected. By scheduling a complimentary dental implant consultation, our doctor and staff will examine your mouth and discuss your smile goals with you. This will help us give you an overall estimation on the dental implant cost for your unique case.

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Factors That Determine Dental Implant Cost

If you have failing, damaged or broken teeth, we will have to gently extract them before placing the dental implants. Depending on your implant treatment plan we may extract one tooth to any remaining teeth for cases of All-on-4® full arch dental implants .

In order to successfully place dental implants, you must have sufficient jaw bone volume to hold the implant post in place. We offer effective bone grafting  care to ensure you qualify for dental implant placement.

The more extensive your treatment plan, the higher the dental implant cost will be. Certain procedures like full arch dental implants or sinus lifts are more complicated and require advanced care when compared to single tooth replacement.

In order to successfully place dental implants, you must have a healthy oral structure that is free of disease. We can provide you with gum disease therapy  to remove disease from your gum tissue and bone to allow for successful implant placement. We also offer LANAP® laser gum disease treatment for a more minimally invasive approach.

Find out your estimated dental implant cost during a consultation with our team.