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TMD Treatment for Jaw Pain Relief in Dallas

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Just like any other muscle in your body, the muscle that connects your jaw to your skull, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), can become sore and inflamed if overworked or damaged. When this joint becomes overworked, damaged or inflamed, you may experience TMJ disorder (TMD) and require TMD treatment.

If you experience chronic TMD symptoms such as pain or tenderness in the face and jaw joints, a limited ability to open the mouth wide, jaw clicking, jaw pain, or frequent headaches and neck aches, you may benefit from TMD treatment. At our practice, we provide chronic TMD treatment with a variety of options for improving your quality of life and helping you maintain optimal oral health.

TMD treatment, or neuromuscular dentistry, is a unique approach to dental treatment we offer at Lynn Dental Care. It focuses on correcting misalignment of the jaw. We will need to determine what the optimal position of the jaw may be, and can realign the jaw with several different treatments or procedures, such as nightguards or orthodontics.

Benefits of TMD treatment at Lynn Dental Care include:

  • Reduce stress around the jaw muscles
  • Alleviate pain and inflammation
  • Eliminate painful TMJ and TMD symptoms
  • Correct misalignment to restore optimal functioning of the mouth
  • Correct both upper and lower jaw problems

To get started with one of our TMD treatment solutions and start experiencing relief today, call our office at (972) 954-4434 or reach us through the contact section below.

TMD Treatment Solutions

TMD treatment procedures can be very effective for correcting jaw misalignment and reducing jaw pain, tension, jaw clicking, and stress around the face, neck, and shoulders. With nightguards, we are able to create a customized mouthpiece that you will wear while you sleep. Unique to your specific bite and teeth, nightguards help prevent grinding, clenching and overuse of the jaw while you sleep.

If your bite is misaligned, you may need more than just a nightguard to help ease your jaw pain. Orthodontic treatment can help align your teeth and jaw to give you a more natural and harmonious bite. At Lynn Dental Care, we can use a variety of orthodontic options depending on your needs, including Invisalign® clear aligners. From these orthodontic treatments, our patients experience improved jaw function and comfort, and a more attractive, straight smile. We would love to provide the same for you.

To learn more about TMD treatment and other dental services we offer, call us at (972) 954-4434 or contact us online.

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