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Dentist in North Dallas, TX

Finding a dental home and skilled periodontist in North Dallas, TX, for you and your family that offers all the additional dental services you need to stay healthy is important. Lynn Dental Care not only offers advanced dentistry like dental implants, wisdom teeth removal and orthodontics, but we also offer traditional additional dental services for your routine dental checkups or needs. Lynn Dental Care differs from most other periodontist practices as we offer more services as well as cosmetic restorations in-house. Most patients don’t need to visit general practitioners to restore their smile after treatment from our periodontist, Dr. Brock Lynn, as we can provide dental crowns, orthodontics and many general services conveniently in-house.

Lynn Dental Care’s Additional Services

When an accident occurs, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible. Timely treatment for dental emergencies leads to the most successful results. Don’t hesitate to call our periodontist in Dallas, TX, if you experience significant pain, bleeding, or damaged teeth.

When you are without teeth, our team can create attractive and natural-looking dentures. These dentures will improve your appearance and bite, allowing you to eat more foods and return to a more normal quality of life. We can also combine dentures with dental implants to give you implant supported dentures.

When your teeth do not connect together in a healthy manner, it can cause frequent migraines and facial soreness. We can make minute adjustments to the tips of your teeth, which improves overall harmony with your bite.

Those who grind their teeth at night are susceptible to severe tooth damage, worn down teeth or even breaking their teeth. We can provide you with effective teeth grinding treatment to save your tooth structure and oral health.

When you come in for treatment, our team can evaluate your overall oral health to check for lesions, discoloration or other suspicious signs of potential disease. By catching signs of disease early, you are able to receive the proper treatment necessary before conditions worsen.

Seeing a dentist or periodontist at an early age is the best way to get your children on a healthy oral start. We offer gentle and caring pediatric care for your little ones so they can feel comfortable with their dental care.

Preventative dentistry is important to ensure the ongoing health of your teeth, gums and smile as a whole. With proper cleaning and routine maintenance, you can expect to keep a healthy mouth free of disease and to catch potential problems early.

When a tooth has been damaged by decay, we need to cleanse the infected area and protect the tooth. Inlays and onlays offer protection to a damaged tooth that does not need an entire dental crown restoration, which helps preserve more of the overall tooth structure.

Instead of metal amalgam fillings, Lynn Dental Care uses tooth-colored, resin and glass mixture composite fillings. These are healthier for your body overall and less obvious in your smile as they match your tooth color.

We can utilize our dental laser to gently ease the pain, size and healing time of ulcers, including canker sores. Laser treatment is virtually painless and can be performed quickly in-office.

Why Our Patients Choose Us

At Lynn Dental Care we have a board-certified periodontist and friendly staff to help you maintain the oral health of you and your family. We aim to keep your wait times short so you can get back to your regular day without hassle. Our practice also features advanced technology to make treatments more efficient, predictable and with less discomfort. Your mouth is the gateway to the whole body, so keeping it healthy by receiving additional dental services, can prevent future complications.

The additional dental services you and your family need to stay healthy are here.