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A lot of the times, orthodontic treatment is necessary for teeth that are so misaligned they will be susceptible to infections and diseases. Extremely crooked teeth allow for poor oral hygiene because there is not an efficient way to completely remove plaque and food debris from the mouth, creating gum diseases and tartar. When you choose to undergo a teeth aligning treatment, like traditional braces, a typical timeline takes around two to three years for the best results.

Orthodontics involves treatments like traditional braces and Invisalign. The treatment process of traditional braces, contains brackets, and wires that adjust the teeth. They are made of metal and wires which slowly move your teeth into the correct positions. For the complete treatment process, you will need to see your doctor for routine appointments so they can adjust the braces for your straighter smile.

Invisalign is a great option for older patients who need slight teeth movement. Invisalign involves clear aligners that are changed out every few weeks. Every time your aligners change, your teeth will shift into the new position. The clear aligners allow for a discreet look and flexibility. Invisalign is removable, so you are still able to clean your teeth as you would in your typical daily routine, and can clean the aligners themselves.

Each treatment within the orthodontic practice has its perks for every patient. Each patient is unique, so treatment plans need to be specific for them. If you have any further questions about which treatment best fits your lifestyle, you should contact your dental provider. When you reach out to your dental staff, they will be able to book your appointment for a consultation, as well as fill you in on any details you may need.

Straight teeth provide a lot more value for the oral cavity than for cosmetics alone. Contact your dentist office for more information and to inquire your new straightened teeth. Take control of your oral hygiene in one of the best ways you can.

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