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North Dallas Dentist | Seeking Specialist Care: Why It’s Important

Seeking dental specialists is a great option for procedures that are specific and need to match your unique situation. If you?re wondering when to seek out dental care from a specialist instead of seeking help from your general dentist, here is a reference to know when you should be choosing personalized care. No longer feel overwhelmed by the number of specialists out there; get your perfect dental care.

If you are experiencing symptoms of sensitive and swollen gums that bleed easily, you should be seeking treatment from a periodontist. These symptoms are common indications of gum disease, and if gum disease is left untreated, it could be detrimental. Gum disease can be rectified, but it is important to notice the signs at the earliest possible moment.

A periodontist is a dental specialist that provides care specifically for the structures of teeth and the diseases that may plague them. Periodontists also study the supporting tissue, which includes the gums. A periodontist is the perfect person to see when you have the above symptoms, because they will be able to assess if you?re experiencing diseased gums, or just have a sensitive oral cavity.

If you do not seek treatment, and you do have gum disease, you risk your condition worsening. At this time, you may notice abnormal gum recession, which is a sign of periodontitis starting.

Periodontal disease is one step past gum disease, or gingivitis. Your periodontist will be able to handle this and confirm your diagnosis. During this stage, you may also notice your teeth feeling loose. At this point, treatment is severely necessary.

These are just the beginning of symptoms that require a periodontist. A periodontist is the perfect doctor to go to if you are suffering with any gum tenderness. If you still aren?t sure, always see your general specialist when dealing with tooth pain. Your dentist will know what direction to point you in, if they themselves cannot help. Schedule an appointment or seek out a consultation if you have any questions regarding your symptoms. Never let your oral health go unchecked, it is always important to seek immediate treatment at any sign of irregularity.

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